Sparks Studio

(Ages 4 ~ Early Reading)

Montessori Principles

Maria Montessori believed every child was ready and capable of profound learning, she dedicated her life to creating environments tailored to aid absorbent minds  in their self directed academic pursuits.  Our Sparks studio adheres to the time-proven manipulatives and strategies used in an authentic Montessori education to educate the entirety of our youngest heroes in an autonomous, respectful, and individualized way.  

See what a Montessori morning looks like:

True Play Based Learning

Science and common sense conquer: play is essential to early childhood development.  True play is uninterrupted engagement in the activities of ones choice.  Our innovative  play based learning approach  features risk, joy, and deep engagement daily.  Young Heroes are free to explore and engage with raw materials and peers at their own pace and interest.  They use their experiences of play to intentionally develop the critical executive functioning skills needed for their individual growth.  Learn more about our daily sparks play here:

Family Centered

At Acton, we give the power of choice in education back where it belongs, to the parents.  We understand that you know your child's unique needs and strengths better than anyone else, we come along side you to build a fulfilling academic journey for your young hero.  Our structures are unlike any other, they make room for the important influence and connection of families.  From scheduling to intensity you set the course for your child and are involved every step of the way. We are focused on empowering your entire family to pursue a custom adventure that meets your needs.