Acton Academy Cache Valley currently has 2 studios: Preschool and Elementary. These studios are learner-driven one-room schoolhouses. We believe that children learn best when they have an individualized curriculum while working with children younger and older than themselves. 

Middle School and High School Studios will open when it's the right time for our community.


Inspired by Montessori principles combined with Socratic teaching and a groundbreaking approach to play-led learning. Heroes age 4+ thrive in this holistic environment. Here we foster academic, physical, and emotional independence through developmentally appropriate works inspired by Maria Montessori. Curiosity is sparked through hands on experiences, art, and play-based challenges. Heroes here learn how to read and be a good friend.


The purpose of Discovery is to be curious and do meaningful work. Our eagles develop self-awareness and independence through reflective processes and freedom within boundaries, They discover a joy for learning through a balanced learning design, and ignite curiosity through a wide range of challenges and experiences. We give learning back to the learners within an environment of excellence and inspiration. Heroes age 11 and under find their boundless potential and develop deep knowledge and practical skills.


"Adventure" Studios (ages 11-14),  are dedicated to guiding young people through the Hero's Journey, helping them discover and pursue their unique passions and gifts. Our mission is to equip students with the essential skills and tools needed to fulfill their life's purpose. During the transformative Middle School years, we inspire independent thinking, foster strong friendships, and cultivate leadership skills, all while instilling a commitment to integrity. In this immersive journey, students not only learn to work hard but also develop real-world skills and embark on quests that take them into the community through apprenticeships.  Adventure Studios provide thrilling opportunities and responsibilities, including projects with real clients, rigorous skill development, and mature discussions. It offers a higher level of freedom and a safe space for testing limits, encouraging the ethos of failing early, cheaply, and often. Students not only master core skills like reading, writing, and math but also prepare to change the world.


*This studio will open when it's the right time for the Cache Valley community.*


Acton High School Studio, known as "Launchpads" (ages 14-18), offers a dynamic setting where students meticulously prepare for real-world success. Through gaining valuable skills and mastering them via apprenticeships, learners initiate genuine startups, businesses, and projects across diverse fields, building a robust portfolio of real-world work as evidence of their capabilities. This transformative environment encourages students to surround themselves with mentors—entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and heroes—aligned with their passions. Within this studio, students not only refine their skills but also discover the next step in their Hero's Journey, poised to make a profound impact as they launch into the world with a visionary calling.  The Launchpad is a space where students find their passion, lead small organizations, prepare for their Next Great Adventure, and ultimately launch into the world, fully equipped to enact meaningful change.


*This studio will open when it's the right time for the Cache Valley community.*