Can I visit the campus or get a tour.

We work hard to protect the learning environment created by our heroes, so we never offer tours during school hours. We do offer Open Houses throughout the year and tours can be scheduled for applying families.  We encourage anyone interested in meeting our Guides or seeing our studios to attend an open house or schedule a tour, the first step is requesting an information kit.

Is this like the other Acton Academies I've heard of?

Acton Academy Cache Valley is part of the network of over 270 Acton Academies around the world. We follow the same Learning Design and learning model of the original Acton Academy campus  and the global network of schools who have been globablly recognized for creating astonishing learning environments.

Where is the school located?

We are located on mainstreet in Logan, Ut a central location for most Cache Valley residents.

How do I apply and enroll?

We are now accepting enrollment for fall 2024 Pk-6th grade students. The enrollment process is as follows:

Research: Request an info kit and learn more about Acton's history, principles and tennets through videos, books, and podcasts (see our resources page)

Fill out application: The initial application takes only 2-3 minutes to complete.  If you're family is a possible candidate we'll invite you to phase 2 of the application process 

Phase 2 Tour: We have a lot of questions for you, and we're sure you have lots for us!  This will be the time to ask and answer all of them, start by filling out the phase 2 application, then we'll set up a tour to meet in person and get you a real idea of what Acton is like.

Invite to enroll:  If it's a good fit for everyone we'll invite you to enroll and join our tribe at Acton Academy Cache Valley.

Onboarding:   To enroll your Hero in the journey of a lifetime you will need to commit to the Acton Family values and mission statement, pay the initial deposit ($250 for elementary $200 for preschoolers), and set up your tuition payment plan. You will receive your student's laptop and onboarding kit. You'll embark on the 'Family Onboarding Quest,' a transformative experience designed to help both you and your hero feel more at ease as you begin the Acton journey.

What is your schedule and school calendar?

We are a dedicated full-time private school that places a strong emphasis on fostering family togetherness. Our academic calendar spans 10 months, yet our flexible program allows families to embark on shared travels without compromising the learning experience. The educational framework is centered around 5-6 week learning sprints, aptly named 'quests.' Within these quests, learners immerse themselves in new and ambitious themes, engage in in-depth studies, complete projects, and delve into research. Each session concludes with a public exhibition, providing an opportunity for families and friends to witness and celebrate the culmination of learning while offering valuable project feedback.

Throughout the school year, comprised of 6-7 sessions, learners benefit from 1-2 week breaks between quests. These breaks serve as an opportunity to refuel, strengthen family bonds, and indulge in travel experiences, creating a well-rounded and enriching 10-month academic journey.


How do you handle technology, how much screentime do students get?

At AACV we believe in the power of balance. Using the incredible, self-paced eLearning tools now available, we are able to provide a fully independent, self-paced, mastery-based academic journey for each hero in math, vocabulary, spelling and grammar.  Through technology students are given access to the greatest minds, practices, and courses of all time.  Our efficient, motivated, and intensly focused core time each day lasts for approximately 90 minutes. Freeing up the rest of the day for engaging, project-based learning, games, Montessori hands on tactile work, heart based learning in the arts, outdoor education, STEM based challenges, service learning, engaging democratic schooling processess and other relationship building pursuits. The two types of experiences are highly complementary creating a wholistic learning experinece and well rounded students capable of healthily utilizing the technological tools of the 21st century.

Is AACV a Religious School?

We embrace families of all perspectives—Believers, Searchers, and Non-Believers alike—welcoming everyone to join our community, share their beliefs, and uphold their unique values. At Acton Academy Cache Valley, you can trust that there are no hidden agendas, indoctrinations, or forcefully imposed ideologies on your hero. We firmly believe in the family as the primary source of moral virtue and consistently guide students back to their parents for all matters related to moral values.

Our learning design introduces children to the significance of mindful spirituality, and in our historical studies, we emphasize the crucial role that various world religions have played in shaping cultures worldwide. We foster an inclusive environment where each individual's beliefs are respected and can be explored freely and respectfully.  

Is this school accredited?

Yes the school is accredited through the International Association of Learner Driven Schools.

What do you mean by Learner Driven?

At Acton Academy Cache Valley we believe in learning to be and learning to do and an important part of this is encouraging young people to take responsibility for their own behavior and hold those around them to a high standard. When something isn’t working, we want our Learners to work together to solve the problem, not look for an adult to solve it for them. This creates a sense of independence and confidence that will serve them well in all areas of life.