A Day in the Life of an Elementary Hero:

Discover the Elementary school of your dreams.   In Acton Academy Cache Valley's Elementary Studio, young minds thrive in an environment that grants them the two things young people cherish most: Freedom and Responsibility.

At Acton we honor and protect  the freedom of young heroes in radical ways.  Our heroes relish in the freedom to choose, pursue, create, lead, question, and discover at their own pace and in their own way.  Children love the freedom of driving their own educational journey.

In this vibrant community, Elementary Heroes are immersed in an environment of excellent expectations and world class examples inspiring them to rise to the call of greatness.  We empower  young people to take ownership of their learning and  master their own unique gifts and talents on their path to change the world.

Our elementary studio is a place where young potential is unleashed, uniqueness is celebrated, and growth is  unbridled.  Request an information kit and apply today to help your young hero discover the power they hold within themselves to shape a bright and purposeful future.